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Abaya Sarah

Abaya Sarah

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The Sarah abaya is our very first creation and its design made in France was designed to combine modesty, coverage, minimalism and practicality.

This Abaya is made of a royal peach whool fabric from Egypt, it is an opaque microfiber fabric, light, soft and non-sticky, perfect for all seasons.

Its ultra loose bell cut is suitable for all body types.

There are snaps at the wrists so that the sleeves do not roll up and your forearms are not exposed at the slightest movement.

This abaya is compatible with breastfeeding thanks to its long zipper at chest level.

Size guide :

Zipper length: 25 cm

Length from shoulder to gather: 35 cm

Width from armpit to armpit: 63 cm

Width of the abaya: 150 cm

Size 1: The abaya measures 132 cm and is suitable for a sister measuring 1m52 to 1m57.

Size 2: The abaya measures 138 cm and is suitable for a sister measuring 1m58 to 1m62.

Size 3: The abaya measures 143 cm and is suitable for a sister measuring 1m63 to 1m68.

Size 4: The abaya measures 150 cm and is suitable for a sister measuring 1m69 to 1m74.

Maintenance tips :

To maximize the life of your abaya we advise you to machine wash it at 30° and let it air dry.

Attention ! from one production to another the colors/materials may be very slightly different.

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