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Good behavior - Sheikh Raslan.

Good behavior - Sheikh Raslan.

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The Prophet defined the objective of his apostolate: “I was only sent to perfect noble characters.”

The best of the prophets, Muhammad an authority in good behavior, as Allah affirms about him: “You are, indeed, endowed with the highest character.”

Despite this, during his supererogatory night prayers, he invoked Allah in these terms: “Guide me towards the best virtues, for no one can guide there except You. And turn away vices from me, for no one can turn them away from me except You.” Moreover, Sa'd Ibn Hisham Ibn 'Amir reported that he questioned 'Aisha: "Mother of the believers, describe to me the behavior of the Messenger of Allah " She then asked him: "Don't you read the Quran ? » He replied: “Of course it is.” She told him, “His behavior embodied his teachings.”

Product sheet:

  • Author: Sheikh Raslan
  • Language: Bilingual French/Arabic
  • Pages: 83
  • Size: 14 x 20 cm
  • Edition: The pious predecessors
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